The First Lady of Fitness

Elaine LaLanne

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Motivational Speaker

Inspiring the lives of people of all ages and walks of life, Elaine continues to travel the world sharing her energetic message about health and well being.

Television Personality

Known as one of the pioneers of television Elaine was always in the public eye and has been a respected guest on countless shows. She has worked as a producer, a host, a guest and a star over the years.

Health and Fitness Expert

As a regular personality on the Jack LaLanne show Elaine spent over 50 years helping teach and motivate people to live a healthy and balanced life. A movement which kick started the fitness world as we know it today.

Jack LaLanne

The wife of Jack LaLanne, Elaine gives a first hand experience to the legacy and life of Jack and his goals to change the world. All goals in which he succeeded. More information at:

About Elaine

Motivate | Stimulate | Educate

"Anything in life is possible if you make it happen"

Elaine is a sparkling, vivacious, motivational public speaker, known and loved by thousands for her warmth, and spontaneity, and personal inspiration to others toward a greater joy of living. Even in her late 90 her appearances are still vital, dynamic and life changing to people of all ages. She stimulates, motivates and educates! Since her early days as a television pioneer, and host in 1948, Elaine has lit up screens all over America. She was also an integral part of her husband Jack LaLanne’s television programs, speaking, and other public engagements. As a solo speaker, Elaine was sponsored by Post Cereal promoting her program and her book, Dynastride, a walk and exercise program for all ages. She also toured the country promoting her books. Elaine has invigorated the Jack LaLanne Power and Fusion Juicer infomercials and has made appearances on countless television programs such as The Today Show, The Early Show, Friends, Fox and Friends and Howard Stern.

Her unique insight towards nutrition and staying in good physical condition is the reason Elaine commonly becomes a recurring guest at many places where she speaks. As she approaches 100 years of age, she still hasn't slowed down and can still do full body push ups. Her years of experience combined with her contemporary business savvy provide an exclusive insight into Jack Lalanne as she answers everyone's questions about her husband. Her presentations even include footage of some of his superhuman feats of strength! Elaine LaLanne, she looks young, she acts young, and inspires her audience to be young at any age! With infectious excitement, she paints a picture of the “YOU” that you want to be

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