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Hollywood's Fitness Expert

Dan Isaacson

President of Isaacson Fitness, LLC, is a visionary, leader and innovator who has been instrumental in the development of the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. Dan is available for public speaking engagements, as well as product endorsement.

  • Innovator of the personal training movement with Hollywood studios, creating and operating the first corporate and celebrity private training program and training facility, on the lot at Paramount

  • First Fitness Editor for ABC’s Good Morning America, creating today’s television format for the fitness professional, providing health and fitness information to the public

  • Developed and managed the Sony Pictures Athletic Club, the first new construction of a fitness facility built on a studio lot

  • Dan has appeared on many television shows and in numerous magazines including The Doctors, The View, CBS This Morning, Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Time, People and Sports Illustrated.


The Boomer Coach

Jaime Brenkus

Jaime Brenkus, with a dedication spanning three decades, has devoted his professional career to implementing systematic approaches in the battle against obesity and weight issues nationwide. As the founder of fitness training businesses in Los Angeles, Tampa, and Cleveland, Jaime has established himself as a prominent figure in the health and wellness industry.

  • In 2019, he collaborated with Elaine LaLanne, the 94-year-old wife of Jack LaLanne, co-authoring the book "If you want to Live, Move (Putting the BOOM back into Boomers!)" Jaime is renowned for translating simple, proven health concepts into exciting, consumer-friendly innovations. Among his major achievements is the widely recognized 8-Minute Abs workout video series, viewed by over 76 million people on YouTube, making a significant impact on millions seeking a healthier lifestyle.

  • Jaime's creative expertise extends to choreographing supermodel Kathy Ireland's videos, "Bodyspecifics" and "Reach," and conceptualizing the "15 Minutes to Fitness" package, a comprehensive set of exercise videos, audios, menus, and grocery lists. He authored "Get Lean in 15," a 270-page book offering practical guidance for shaping up and slimming down.

    With a portfolio of over 150 fitness videos, Jaime has made more than 50 appearances on various home shopping channels, including QVC, HSN, Canadian Home Shopping, and Value Vision.


Greg Justice

An international best-selling author, speaker, and fitness entrepreneur. He opened AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s original personal training center, in May 1986, and has personally trained more than 48,000 one-on-one sessions. Today, AYC specializes in corporate wellness and personal training.

  • He has been actively involved in the fitness industry for more than three decades as a club manager, owner, personal fitness trainer, and corporate wellness supervisor.

    Greg currently serves on the advisory board of two personal training schools.

  • He mentors and instructs trainers worldwide through his coaching programs and Corporate Boot Camp System class.

    Greg writes articles for many publications and websites, is a featured columnist for Corporate Wellness Magazine, and his monthly column, “Treadmill Talk,” is published in Personal Fitness Professional magazine.

  • He is the author of 6 books including Mind Over Fatter: The Psychology of Weight Loss, Mind Your Own Fitness: A Mindful Approach To Exercise, Lies & Myths About Corporate Wellness, and Treadside Manner: Confessions Of A Serial Personal Trainer.

    Greg holds a master’s degree in HPER (exercise science) and a bachelor’s degree in Health & Physical Education from Morehead State University, Morehead, KY.


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