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First Lady of Fitness Elaine LaLanne Interviewed by Rachael Ray

January 19, 20240 min read

LaLanne News

Elaine LaLanne, the 96-year-old wife of #JackLaLanne @jacklalanneofficial (married 51 years), was interviewed by #RachaelRay, on the "Rachael Ray Show" on Thursday, January 26, 2023!

Learn her secrets to living a long, healthy, active and fulfilling life at any age from this wonderful #RachaelRayShow segment and interview!

You are guaranteed to be motivated and inspired!

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Elaine LaLanne featured in the The New York Times:

Mark Whalberg Partners with the LaLannes in "The Hollywood Reporter"!

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‘I Don’t Want To Be Old When I’m Old’—Defining Healthy Longevity

A 97-year-old fitness expert shares her SECRET to an everlasting youth

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