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Fitness icon Elaine LaLanne, 97, drinks this protein smoothie every morning for breakfast

September 26, 20232 min read

LaLanne News

This article was written by Kim Schewitz for Business Insider.

Elaine LaLanne has been an icon of healthy living since the 1950s.

She and her late husband, fitness legend Jack LaLanne, inspired generations of Americans to eat better and exercise more — whether it was through their TV show (1951-1985) or their nationwide gym franchise.

At 97, the "first lady of fitness" hasn't slowed down. LaLanne is still eager to share her husband's method with a new generation, through books and movies.

She leads by example. "I've always had a project, and I think that's what's helped me live to be 97, along with eating correctly, and exercising every day," LaLanne told Insider in a recent interview.

Before working out, LaLanne starts her days with a high-protein meal to fuel her muscles and stamina — yogurt and berries with granola followed by a protein smoothie that she can whip up in minutes.

"I want to make sure I get enough protein in everyday, and this is one simple way," LaLanne told Insider, discussing her protein smoothie. "Jack told me it was good for healthy skin and hair, and yes I think it has helped me stay healthy in later life."

Here's the recipe:

LaLanne's simple breakfast protein smoothie

  • 2% fat milk

  • One or two scoops of protein powder

  • Bananas

  • Berries

    Registered dietitian Jordan Hill previously told Insider that protein plays an important role in building and maintaining muscle mass, is a building block for red blood cells and tissues in the body, and helps you feel full.

    On average, women need around 45g of protein per day, and for men it's 55g, according to the British Heart Foundation.

    However, most people start to lose muscle mass as they age, a condition known as sarcopenia, and some studies have found that eating more than the recommended amount of protein could promote muscle health and prevent loss in older people.

Kim Schewitz

Kim Schewitz is a Junior Health Reporter who covers health news and trends, psychology, relationships, women's health, nutrition, and marginalized communities. She is a gold standard NCTJ qualified journalist with a degree in French and Spanish from the University of Bristol, and has previously written for VICE, The i paper, and GLAMOUR UK. You can find her on Twitter or get in touch at [email protected].

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