New Book About Jack: Pride and Discipline

October 6, 2022




In 1936, Jack opened the first modern health club and invented exercise equipment, such as, the leg extension, wall pulleys, squat machine, and weight selector.

In the 1950’s, he developed the first resistance bands, “Glamour Stretcher” and “Easy Way Conditioner”, the first protein drink, “Instant Breakfast” and the first protein bar.

For over 34 years “he got people off their seat and onto their feet” through daily nationally syndicated TV show; promoting the importance of exercise, nutrition, and a positive attitude.

It’s all in Elaine LaLanne’s new book written with Greg Justice.

This book is written in Jack’s own words, along with the words of those he inspired. It is co-authored by Elaine (Lala) LaLanne, The First Lady of Physical Fitness and Greg Justice, National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee (2017).

Elaine saved Jack’s writings, some he had scribbled down in the middle of the night and others were interviews and magazine articles; would you believe, dating back to 1934.

“Pride and Discipline, the Legacy of Jack LaLanne – In his Own Words and Those He inspired”

Elaine says that at 96 years old, she is still trying to catch up to Jack – the “Energizer Bunny”

He inspired me… If it wasn’t for Jack, I’d probably be 6 feet under right now!

In addition there’s a family scrapbook, along with stories from people in the fitness industry, as well as folks from all walks of life who either knew him, or were inspired by him.